Organic Pregnancy & Postpartum Meal Delivery

Compostable Meal Delivery Standards

We love our beautiful earth and express our gratitude with a commitment to environmental responsibility and biodegradable standards. Our compostable meal delivery containers are made from no trees! They have no wax or plastic lining and are plant-based PLA-lined. This means they are fully able to breakdown! Through investing in compostable packaging instead of cheap plastic containers and lids, our wish is to convey how much we value your health. Order our organic Nourish Meal Delivery service to avoid buying and consuming micro plastics. This helps keep our bodies, our babies, animals, planet, and future generations safe.

BPI® Certified Compostable

Our compostable meal delivery containers are made from bamboo fiber, an annually renewable resource which grows rapidly. Unlike traditional paper food bowls with lids made with petroleum-based plastic and are made from trees, our plant-based containers and lids require no trees to be cut down to make them.
Biodegradable Products Institute Certified Compostable! Your meals will arrive frozen and they’re microwaveable – quick for your partner, mom, or doula to heat up.

Toasted Ginger Porridge

We use a hydrogen rich water ionizer when cooking, which provides more nutrition when cooking with pure H2 hydrogen mineral water. In addition, we triple wash our 100% organic ingredients with a high-energy ion purification technology machine which generates OH-Ions to wash off any residues and dirt.

Our Pledge To You

No gluten, corn or soy; no seed oils or trans fats; no artificial colors or flavors, phthalates or parabens; no added sugars

Organic, non-GMO, whole foods including Ayurvedic adaptogens, collagen, fermented with pre and probiotics

Following Dr. Joel Wallach’s guidelines and the The First Forty Days principles using warm, easy-to-digest, soft, nutrient-dense, moist (no dry, crunchy, raw, or cold foods) plus organic, pasture-raised meats and home-made ghee churned from grass fed, organic butter – all ethically sourced from local farmers.

Customized to your Ayurvedic dosha, allergies, cultural styles, and diet preferences. Everything is lactose-free and casein-free and can be prepared vegan or vegetarian if specified upon checkout.

Hand-crafted, frozen, packed in BPA-free certified biodegradable/compostable containers with zero waste, and delivered via courier to your door in Los Angeles or overnighted within the USA.

Now you know our compostable meal delivery standards!

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