Organic Pregnancy & Postpartum Meal Train


It takes a village

The birth of a baby is the birth of a mother! What a postpartum Mommy needs the most is feeling security. A well-supported, comfortable body leads to a peaceful, calm mind in the fourth trimester. This is achieved through a meal train (usually setup by a friend) of warm, nutrient-dense, organic postpartum meals based on traditional standards for healing her spirit and body. The Ayurvedic and Oriental cultures and their grounding meals quell vata dosha, preventing dryness and a cold chill that is hard to leave the body and causes lasting issues through aging if it’s not nourished in postpartum.

Nourish Meal Delivery Postpartum Meal Train

Ayurvedic Super Food Lactation Snack perfect for the fourth trimester has six galactagogues and lactogenic super foods: sweet potatoes, hemp hearts, sesame seeds, cardamom, ginger, and ghee.

Not many people know foods that help – or harm – a postpartum body & spirit

How you nourish yourself in postpartum – especially in the first forty days – impacts how you will age for the next 40 years. Eating nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory meals during your 4th trimester can boost your metabolism, spark vitality and a better mood, ease digestion, and speed your healing all while jump-starting your milk supply. Or, the food you eat can bring lethargy, low milk supply, constipation, slow healing, and even postpartum depression.

As a woman, we feel guilty spending money on ourselves

This is the time to heal from a major life transition. After growing another human being for almost 10 months, what will you allow yourself to have, to become a strong mother for your family?
Many people want to celebrate your expecting baby, showering your family with gifts.
Why not include healing and nourishment for yourself one of them? A meal train, also known as a meal calendar, can be a lifesaver for your healing, and your partner will benefit too!

Virtual Tackle the 4th Trimester friend

Nourish Postpartum Meal Train setup by a friend postpartum meal train

Ask for a meal train!

A postpartum meal train is a great way for friends and family to support a new Mother. Task a friend or your mom or mother-in-law to reach out to your email list or Facebook friends. They can either gather donations for your organic postpartum meals via Venmo or Zelle and then give you one big Gift Card, or they can encourage everyone to buy individual Gift Cards.

Your friends and family members can also Become a Nourish Affiliate to earn $20 for each Meal Bundle you order with their unique link!