Organic Pregnancy & Postpartum Meal Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

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If desiring meals during pregnancy, our Kitchari Bundle paired with our Beautiful Bones Broth Bundle (plant-based or beef) will nourish you and your growing baby incredibly well while maintaining great protein and sugar levels.

If planning for immediate postpartum meals, our Starter Bundle contains the most gentle snacks, meals, and lactation tonics for consuming right when you begin your first birthing waves, throughout labor, and within the first few postpartum days.  Due to gastric juices slowing digestion immediately after childbirth, most need help having softer foods.  Not only does the Starter Bundle help ease elimination and provide healing nourishment, but it is packed with amazing galactagogues for your milk supply.  If you didn’t order the Starter Bundle and are experiencing constipation, please order the Starter Bundle first, even if you are past the first week postpartum.

The best next meal bundle after the first few days in postpartum (for those wanting only meals) is our Kitchari Bundle which increases lactation and nourishes using very digestible protein.  If you’d like a combination of tonics, snacks, and a few meals, you may choose the Nourish Bundle instead.  If you’re only looking for postpartum drinks, try either our Healing Tonics Bundle or our Beautiful Bones Broth Bundle.  If you’re 3-4 weeks + further into postpartum and want snacks to boost your milk supply, the Milk-Makin’ Muffins would be perfect for you.

If you are gifting a family member or friend, please see the Details section “Gifting New Mothers”. 

Prepared by an Ayurvedic Chef specializing in pregnancy and postpartum, all postnatal meal delivery offerings include wholesome, organic whole foods specific for a vulnerable new mother’s body!  Delicious and nutritious, they contain lactogenic ingredients to help build milk supply, tonify the blood, stimulate the lymphatic system, quell vata dosha, and ease digestion for increasing metabolism and gently helping elimination. Perfect for regaining strength, rebuilding the blood and lymphatic systems, easing elimination and inflammation, while shaping optimal milk production with galactagogues (lactation-promoting foods and herbs) and no nightshades (they reduce milk supply).

During pregnancy and depending on the trimester, women need 75 grams to 150 grams of daily protein. It is essential for preventing hypertension, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, and nutrient deficiencies in the expecting mother while growing a baby.

After childbirth, a woman needs almost 600 more calories daily than she ate while pregnant to be able to absorb and assimilate nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals into her own body while healing, and for her teeth, hair, organs, etc. as well as to build an adequate milk supply for her baby.  Postpartum hair loss is not normal!  Yes, it’s common, but it’s due to a new mother not getting enough nutrients for her body.

Please purchase a Gift Card instead of meal delivery when you want to surprise someone with a meal bundle. This allows them to directly communicate with us to customize their meal bundle for their specific dosha and any food intolerances. It also allows for quality control for successful delivery i.e. exactly when they are ready to receive the meal bundle, in the event their hospital stay is longer, so their meal bundle is not prepared or delivered too early. Signature upon delivery is required, and this ensures accountability upon the person ordering and is more successful when those ordering are living at the address at which the meal bundle is being shipped/delivered. Please purchase a Gift Card instead for pregnant or postpartum friends!

Nourish postpartum meal delivery service is perfect when too tired to stand and cook, full of nutrition for you and your growing baby so you can rest, and your partner can also rest. Do you prepare and cook the majority of your meals for you and your partner? After a baby is born, the likelihood that responsibility is now placed on your partner greatly increases. In postpartum, the concept and value of time also increases – time is everything! If your husband or partner is also living life on 2-3 hour increments, they too then need time to shower, eat, help with diapers, burp the newborn baby, and sleep.  Having a partner take over the cooking can be very hard on the partner, especially if they don’t know what foods can decrease lactation or cause gas and tummy upset for a newborn’s very immature (and still developing) digestive system.  Postpartum meal delivery is a godsend for those who want the types of foods that can heal the postpartum mother’s body quickly and help with building breastmilk supply.  It is a wonderful gift for new mothers as well, as they feel nourished and loved through this essential, healing culinary art.

We do not use dairy to prevent fussiness in newborns and babies for breastfeeding mamas!

All postpartum meal delivery offerings are soy-free, casein-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free.  We love to make our dishes creamy with breastmilk-boosters like cashews and almonds, however all recipes can be made nut-free!  If you have an allergy or an intolerance, we welcome you to inform us in the Notes section of the checkout form so we can modify appropriately.  If you have a peanut allergy, you can choose almond butter or sunflower butter.  If you have a chickpea or peanut allergy, please tell us in the Notes section so we can omit fenugreek from your postpartum meals.

A note about choosing Vegan or Vegetarian:

Almost all recipes are already vegan or vegetarian. We do not use dairy or soy for our milk-based ingredients; we use organic plant-based milk. We craft our meals with organic ghee as it helps assimilate vitamins, minerals, and nutrients deeper into the tissues for healing. Grandmothers who practice Ayurveda say “30 lbs of ghee in the first 3 months postpartum” and it’s known to help nutrition as well as weight loss. We are not just switching out dairy milk for another milk and then calling it vegan, as we already do not use dairy milk or any dairy ingredients AT ALL except ghee. If choosing vegan, we do omit ghee and use an organic plant-based avocado, grape, sesame, or coconut oil blend instead. Also if specifying vegan, instead of honey, we use organic date fruit or organic maple syrup. Therefore if you are choosing vegan only due to a dairy intolerance, we encourage you to choose vegetarian instead as ghee is super beneficial for internal oiling and to speed healing after birthing. In addition, ghee does not cause an issue for those who have a dairy intolerance as ghee is actually casein-free and lactose-free. For the Nourish Bundle, any salads or comfort items containing “cheese” or “sour cream”, we used plant-based (not soy) versions as well.

Ideal for balancing insulin and hormone levels in order to encourage stabilized emotions, reduced cortisol, stress levels, and baby blues plus a quality breast milk composition and supply. No sugar is used in these recipes.  A sugar-laden diet can decrease milk supply.  In the very few recipes where sweetener is added, it is in the form of organic date fruit or organic maple syrup – all recipes are diabetic, guaranteed low-glucose-spiking and low-glycemic, because your insulin levels affect your hormones which affect your milk supply.  Considerations taken for women with insulin-resistance and thyroid issues as sugar plays a role in hormones and thus, milk production. For those with these conditions, please tell us in the Note section of the checkout form, and we will omit fenugreek from your postpartum meals.

Nourish Birth + Postpartum Meal Delivery only contains organic, quality foods which are prepared with love in our clean and organized kitchen. Calm energy is put into cooking as a form of healing, not as a practical act but as a sacred art of intention to nourish you.  Meditation beforehand to ensure a centered mindset, being present so you feel the wholeness and healing effect during this very special recovery period of your life. We also use a hydrogen rich water ionizer when cooking, which provides more nutrition when cooking with pure H2 hydrogen water. In addition, we triple wash our ingredients with a high-energy ion purification technology machine which generates OH-Ions to wash off any residues and dirt. View our Standards here.

We have a commitment to environmental responsibility. Our compostable containers are made from no trees! They have no wax or plastic lining and are plant-based PLA-lined. This means they are fully able to breakdown and help keep our planet, animals, and future generations safe. Our containers are made from bamboo fiber, an annually renewable resource which grows rapidly. Unlike traditional paper food bowls with lids made with petroleum-based plastic and are made from trees, our containers and lids require no trees to be cut down to make them. Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®) Certified Compostable! Your meals will arrive frozen and they’re microwave-safe – quick for your partner, mom, or doula to heat up.

For pregnant mothers ordering pregnancy meals: if you live in the Greater LA area, you’ll receive your meal bundle by courier. Please specify any door codes, etc. in the Notes section when placing an order.

For pregnant mothers ordering ahead for postpartum delivery, it is best to order around 35 weeks gestation in the event your beautiful baby debuts early. This way you have all the food in your freezer that you can pull out and thaw and start drinking and snacking on during your early laboring at home, which will make for easier digestion and elimination to reduce straining since after birthing, your body prioritizes healing and lactation over metabolism and digestion. You may choose between compostable/biodegradable containers (green bin) or recyclable glass jars (blue bin). If delivering to your hospital, there will be a little note that states all ingredients and how to consume each serving, and instructions for your partner or nurse explaining how to warm them. There has never been a problem with them doing this at the hospital’s birth or postpartum microwave unit. If you choose jars, keep them in the ice cooler and refill the ice when needed. This is easily accessible at your L&D floor or postpartum unit and will keep the food for a few days. For quick preparation, and so your partner or family member does not have to leave your room to heat the teas, tonics, and meals: pack a portable electric warmer and a 3 quart pot with an extension cord in your birthing bag. Simply plug it into your labor or postpartum room, fill the pot with water, and place the jars directly into the pot to heat them. Use mini silicone oven mitts or grab a small towel from your L&D/postpartum unit’s bathroom to retrieve and set on the counter or bedside table to cool. If you order compostable containers, heat in the oven at home or the microwave at your hospital or birth center. So easy! These tonics, teas, and foods will be there for you to enjoy throughout the first few days.

If ordering ahead for postpartum: some babies come early so please order in advance. Plan ahead of time by entering the date you’re 35 weeks pregnant so it can be prepared around that date, frozen, and delivered for you to place directly in your freezer. This way you’ll have it in time! If you just discovered us, and you’re due any day or already have birthed and want your meal bundle immediately, please note that you can put today’s date. If we don’t have other orders, we will start on your order ASAP otherwise it may take longer. Depending on the number of orders we have, your order will be delivered within 1 week if you have not ordered ahead of time. However we often turn out orders within a few days. If you are planning a short vacation, please contact us ahead of time to request a different delivery date. Once we start your order we cannot hold it in our kitchen. We are not responsible if you go into labor and are not home to receive the package. We send tracking numbers through email so you can track your package and have a partner collect it if you are already in your birthing time. Meals are sent with ice and overnight delivery via UPS if not in the local Greater LA area. We ship nationwide and are not responsible for damaged packages or missed packages that have not been collected in a timely manner. We do not ship on weekends as we are closed – deliveries are sent overnight and received before noon Tuesday through Friday only. Local deliveries in the Los Angeles area are delivered by courier via contactless delivery in the evening hours unless arranged otherwise. Thank you for supporting small with Nourish Birth + Postpartum Meal Delivery!

Pricing reflects value.  This is not just meal delivery – it is organic postpartum meal delivery.  These are not your average meals, so they are priced accordingly – they include several galactagogues to aid your milk production and boost your supply.  The value of Nourish Birth + Postpartum Meal Delivery includes:  cost of lactogenic herbs, ayurvedic herbs, and 100% organic ingredients, cost of certified compostable & biodegradable food container materials, labor time for preparing the meals, sacred heart and intention, plus the utmost safety standards and sanitary measures for the vital recovery of the vulnerable postpartum body.

Mothers supplementing or wanting to wean, but still desire nutritional healing from childbirth also benefit from the expertise and wisdom of switching out galactagogues (foods and herbs which increase milk production) for foods that block breastmilk production. Please let us know in the Notes section if you are weaning or not wanting to increase supply so we can use ingredients to dry up breastmilk for your Nourish Postpartum Meal Delivery Meal Bundle.