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Everything was delicious

The spice milk tonic and zucchini kitchari were my favorites! I’m not even a zucchini fan and I had to order it again! Everything was delicious. Shipping information was clear and as expected. Thank you so much for offering the quality that I would make for myself when I couldn’t. It was even better than I expected! And I appreciate your generosity 🤗

- New Mom, ordered for postpartum

It’s straight up phenomenal!

Just a little note to let you know that the food is absolutely delicious. I birthed my baby 2 days ago and I’m in Heaven each meal I eat, it’s straight up phenomenal! So a big thank you to the person who lovingly prepared these recipes, I will recommend it to all the future mamas I know.


Her food is delicious!

I ordered her muffins and starter bundle to eat after the baby was born and it was wonderful to know I was fueling my body with what was best for healing and breastfeeding. Not having to think about food at all those first few days with a newborn was amazing. Thank you Camille for all you do! ❤

Ally Teixeira

Helped me bounce back much faster

I recommend her nutrition bundles. These helped me bounce back much faster. I hope women realize how important this kind of support is and nurturing yourself throughout the entire process.

Tamara de Kauwe

The best chef you can imagine

Every single thing she made felt like it was made with the best ingredients and with so much love.

McKenzie Sutton

Comforting and delicious

Not only were the meals healthy, they were also comforting and delicious. I eat a plant based diet, and that didn’t deter her at all.

Angela Lewis

Healing with ayurvedic herbs

An incredible knowledge on healing with ayurvedic herbs and foods. Her meals were not only comforting but so delicious that I ordered more to get me through that first month.

Ashley Walsh Kvamme

The most delicious meals and snacks

The most delicious meals and snacks to support digestion, lactation, and healing

Elizabeth Perry

Healthy for you and the baby

Incredibly delicious meals and snacks that are healthy for you, the baby, lactation, and your digestive system!

Kristina Nyden

Helped with milk production

She cooked the food that healed me back to myself and helped with milk production.

Melanie Inglessis-Phifer

Delicious meals to increase lactation!

Camille made our life so much easier!

Hayley English

An incredible cook!

She made incredible food, all lactation friendly, so I never went hungry. As a new breastfeeding mom, this is key! I cannot speak highly enough of Camille!

Blair Cobb

Healthy and delicious meals and snacks!

I’m so glad my wife and I decided to enlist Camille’s help!

Chris Sacks